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Auto Spa and Car Detail Packages...

"Wash & Detail Packages"

  The "SPLASH" (Exterior Only)- $20
  • Hand washed with soft cloth
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Tires conditioned
  • Rims cleaned and polished...

The "SPLASH & GO" -$30
  • The "SPLASH" Package (see above) plus:
  • Fully vacuum interior
  • Dust and clean Dashboard, Console, Vents, Door Panels, and Door Jams 
  • Clean interior windows and mirrors

The "SPLASH & SPARKLE" - $55
  • Our two "SPLASH Packages" (see above) plus:
  • Hand wax with our high end Spray Wax
  • Interior Seats cleaned and conditioned

"Detail Packages"

The "FLORIDA" Sunshine-$109
  • Hand washed with soft cloth
  • All windows cleaned inside & out
  • All tires conditioned
  • Rims cleaned and polished
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Condition dashboard, console, vents and door panels
  • All mats shampooed and washed
  • Leather and vinyl seats cleaned and conditioned
  • Super Wax with High Speed Buffer...

The "MIAMI" Sunset - $169
  • The "FLORIDA" detail (see above) plus:
  • Carpets shampooed
  • We'll strip your vehicles' imperfections away with a hand held high speed buffer, then re-apply the sensational "Willies" favorite Ultimate Wax and Sealant...
  • Rain-X windshield

The "L.A" Lifestyle - $209
  • The Ultimate in Car Spa Treatment... You receive both the full "FLORIDA" and "MIAMI" Spa Treatments! Plus:
  • Trunk vacuumed, cleaned and conditioned
  • Our special one year "Super" Speed Hand Buffed Paint Sealant Protectant applied
  • We will treat your "Dings" and "Scratches" with the best in "Claybar" surface treatments...

* On all car washes a $10 charge for Larger Vehicles, Trucks and SUV's...
* On all Details a $20 charge for larger Vehicles, Trucks and SUV's...
* $10 for Rain-X windshield repellent 
* Prices may vary upon vehicle inspection and condition

(We accept Cash, Checks and all Major Credit Cards)